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While the federal government is working to reduce homelessness in urban areas, rural American homelessness is getting worse. U.S. Department of Education data reveals that since 2013 the number of rural homeless grade-schoolers has grown 11 percent to account for nearly 162,000 students.  


Needy families in less populated areas often slip past HUD’s census, leaving less—if any—federal money for rural homeless. Local communities, therefore, have to help their own.  

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The Fauquier Family Shelter receives no state or federal funding and relies primarily on community giving to maintain operations. Consider donating to the FFS today. Each dollar you pledge goes to a worthy cause—the well-being of those struggling in your community. 



Financial donations help the Fauquier Family Shelter maintain our facilities, pay utilities and cover administrative costs. However, some donors will prefer to donate products like toiletries, cleaning products, maintenance and school supplies. While we are unable to accept used clothing and linens, click the button below to view our wish list or our immediate needs.

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Whatever your interests or skills may be, there is an opportunity for you to make a difference in the community through volunteer work at Fauquier Family Shelter Services. Whether tutoring, transportation, repairs or clerical work, FFS volunteers, our operations are driven by locals who want to “give back” by sharing their time and talents. 


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