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The Piedmont

Pumpkin Excursion

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Virtual Walk

October 1 – 31, 2020

This October lace up your sneakers, grab your mask and get outdoors for the Piedmont Pumpkin Excursion! This fun and healthy virtual walk is the perfect opportunity for you, your friends and family to make your way around the greater Piedmont while raising funds and awareness for Family Shelter Services.


Family Shelter Services is a private non-profit organization operating a 52-bed emergency homeless shelter in Warrenton and 24-unit transitional housing in Vint Hill that helps nearly 400 people annually.  All of the proceeds from this excursion will go to the operation and maintenance of FSS facilities!  As FSS receives no state or federal funding and relies primarily on community giving, we need your support now more than ever!


Register online now for the Piedmont Pumpkin Excursion!

The cost per person is $35.00 and includes one [1] small pumpkin to be picked up at Al’s Pumpkin Patch in Warrenton, a route map around the greater Piedmont to take your pumpkin on its excursion and a prize to commemorate completion of your journey. Registration will remain open until October 31st. 


After you pick up your pumpkin from Al’s, we want you to decorate it! Really dazzle it up so it looks fabulous in your pictures. Name it if you’d like. Have fun with it!   


Now we want you to select a stop along the route of Proud Sponsors and Local Business Participants and away you go . . . don’t forget your pumpkin! Make your way to as many stops as you can during October and remember to check our Facebook page regularly for posts on special stops along the route.  


Once you get to a stop, find the Piedmont Pumpkin Excursion signage. Take a creative snap of you with your pumpkin and post it to our Facebook page using #thepiedmontpumpkinexcursion. Remember to pin your location so other travelers know where the fun is!  You may get lucky along the way . . . our Proud Sponsors and Participants may have a special treat for you as a thanks for stopping by. Who doesn’t love a giveaway?


Wandering around with a pumpkin whilst wearing a mask isn’t your thing – we totally get it, but we still need your help! Would you consider a donation instead? Click the button below to donate now.

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Click the button below to fill out a sponsorship form if you’d like to add your business location as a route stop on the Piedmont Pumpkin Excursion 2020.
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Now more than ever before, rural American homelessness is getting worse.  While the federal government is working to reduce homelessness in urban areas, homelessness is growing rapidly and unchecked. U.S. Department of Education data reveals that since 2013 the number of rural homeless grade-schoolers has grown 11 percent to account for nearly 162,000 students. Needy families in less populated areas often slip past HUD’s census, since they tend to stay with other families and in budget motels. Local communities, therefore, have to help their own. Help us help those in our community who are struggling. Help us not only provide shelter, but also the life skills that allow our residents to move beyond the choices and circumstances that have landed them in such desperate situations.


Help them see that all roads do lead home . . . . Home to a Fauquier County community that cares about them, and their family and values the opportunity to help them build a better tomorrow for themselves and for our community as a whole. 

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